We provide an array of control and automation solutions across a wide range of sectors. Whether you require a system upgrade, expansion or an entirely new installation, our technologically advanced control systems will ensure a system design of the highest quality.


Actemium offers a versatile training program for your engineers, maintenance personnel and operators, who come into contact with industrial production and process installations. This can be from the perspective of designing, maintaining or improving electrical or control engineering installations and systems in the field of industrial automation and computerisation.

You are faced with new challenges every day. The advancing development in new technology creates permanent pressure on the knowledge of your people working with this technology. Competitive pressure places high demands on people and means of production to achieve maximum returns at minimal costs. Ageing and new demands from the government make clear that the most important capital is ‘the human being’ within your organisation. Certainly, within the technology, there is a shortage of skilled personnel.

Training your staff is, therefore, more current than ever! In addition, having and retaining a good balance between specialised and all-round skilled personnel with knowledge of your own processes and applied techniques is essential. We say not for nothing: “Is it knowledge of industry or knowledge of your industry?”.  In order to show this well, the Actemium Open College program offers you 4 possibilities, namely:

  • Standard training
  • Tailor-made training
  • Workshops