• Helping you through the entire safety lifecycle of your protection systems

    We understand machine and process system lifecycles. Our trained, TUV-certified functional-safety engineering teams understand your problems and help you design your systems, all within the framework of international standards.

  • Machine Safety

    Your control system can include an effective safety system that not only keeps your team and process safe, but improves productivity and your business’s performance by reducing downtime and injury. We can develop all the needed emergency stops, guards and access systems for your high-demand system.

  • Process Safety

    We build the safety systems we hope you’ll never need to use. Our experts have years of experience working with critical infrastructure industries developing the systems needed to keep your team, community, assets and the environment safe.

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Did you know?

Our Cyber Security teams can work with you to ensure your machine and process systems, including the related safety systems, are secure. Taking an integrated approach to optimising both functionals safety and cyber security will help you reduce the risks to both.