We provide an array of control and automation solutions across a wide range of sectors. Whether you require a system upgrade, expansion or an entirely new installation, our technologically advanced control systems will ensure a system design of the highest quality.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

  • With MES, automation systems enforce standardised workflows. This enforcement means that the right recipe or sequence is followed and validated every time. This validation results in lower production costs, higher quality, and improved productivity.
  • Manufacturers can also tap into modular MES applications to address specific challenges. One application that is supported by minimal infrastructure can focus on the machine area. When a more robust solution is needed, the MES can scale for multi-facility enterprise use.
  • Information that is tracked by execution systems also provides further context for data from the plant floor and enterprise systems. Accessing data from various sources helps provide professionals with better information for decision making.
  • You can improve quality, safety, compliance, and speed to market when you move from paper-based systems to a management execution system (MES). As you move from islands of automation to a unified automation infrastructure, an MES will collect, aggregate, and feed data across your organisation.