Feed, Food & Beverage

Actemium proposes dedicated solutions for food processing industries, from engineering and implementation to information systems in compliance with traceability, health and food hygiene and safety regulations.

Food & Beverage

In the food business, innovation is the driver for growth.  The objective is to serve the world with good and healthy food, produced in an efficient and sustainable way, without harming the environment. By offering innovative solutions with clear added value, Actemium assists its customers to achieve these goals.

With the continued impetus behind the Industry 4.0 paradigm, the use of AI, robotics and continual advances in technology has become part of daily life within most production plants.  Increasing automation within a factory environment can dramatically increase levels of production efficiency and quality. Advances in technology may also offer part of the solution to the problem of labour shortages. Some of the benefits this new technology offers can be almost impossible to replicate manually and can offer an excellent return on investment.

Staying aware of the latest developments can be both confusing and stressful not to mention expensive. That’s why you need a true partnership with your technology suppliers to help you identify relevant technologies that can genuinely make a positive impact to your business and that is where Actemium Automation can assist you in understanding the impact to your bottom line.

As the level of technology increases within production environments so too does the threat from cyber-attacks. If hackers are able to access a company’s IT networks and gain access to their software, they could potentially shut down an entire production line. Actemium Automation can provide a full set of services aligned to current industry standards and best practice that will address both the hard and soft issues associated with cyber-security.

None of us can predict the future but to face the existing challenges of a changing climate, labour shortages and rapid advances in technology, companies need to take the same action they have always done to combat the other common industry challenges mentioned; plan carefully to mitigate the risk from all of these threats and at Actemium Automation we want to support you in that planning to ensure you realise the real benefits to be derived from automation and avoid the pitfalls.