• Stratus

    The latest generation of the renowned STRATUS software suite is today supporting multiple customers, across many manufacturing facilities in several countries.  An enhanced graphical user interface with touch screen support compliments the use of portable/roaming test hardware to provide ultimate flexibility around the production facility.  An MS SQL server is the engine room controlling and storing test result data, with a web based tool enabling real-time reporting. 

  • Advise

    Actemium are working with customers during their prototype/development stage as it is essential to understand the architecture of a vehicle way before it hits the production lineWhether that is an entirely new vehicle or changes to existing vehicles we have to work hand in hand in the development of test functionality (hardware & software)Confidentiality is assured and we provide our services either at the customers R&D facility or a secure Actemium location away from prying eyes or media attention.  

  • Test System Design & Build

    Test equipment destined for a production line has to be ultra-reliable and over many years Actemium has developed a suite of solutionsEach facility is different and our customers approach to testing can vary widelyIn more recent years a shift to handheld portable devices has occurred with technology and cost of such devices improving at a fast paceStatic solutions whilst less flexible can still provide that added reassurance for customers who remain nervous for the robustness of a wireless networkEither way Actemium can cater for your needs. 

  • Example Functionality

    Data Capture 

    Quality Control 

    ECU Programming 

    Software Download 


    End of Line Test 

    Rectification Test 




    Rolling Road Control 

    Wheel Alignment Control 

  • Installation & Commissioning

    STRATUS based Projects (Hardware & Software) can be delivered remotely from the comfort of our own office but the Actemium engineers honestly do prefer the on-site personal touchThat approach has forged relationships with customers well over a decade and is where maximum value can be added.  However if we are being responsible and thinking of the environment travelling to the USA, Japan, China, India or even across Europe for that matter should be reduced if remote implementation is so effective. 

  • Training

    This is where the Actemium STRATUS solutions comes into it’s own because it is not a “black box”.  Yes we build your test system for you and make day to day changes necessary to support your productionHowever, we prefer to train customer personnel on the system and enhance their self-sufficiencyThis approach enables our customers to build their own test routines, respond quicky to any issues as they live on site every day and ultimately reduce reliance on Actemium and cut costs. 

  • Support

    Production line test systems need to be by their very nature “bullet proof” both in terms of hardware and softwareIf any production lines grinds to a halt the cost impact to the customer no matter what they are manufacturing is significantThis is the world Actemium live in, flexible support packages are available from 5 Days a week to 7 Days, 8 hours a day to 24 hours, same day response to 2-hourWe support UK and Overseas customers every day across  multiple time zones. 

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The complexity of agricultural & construction vehicles is now on a par and sometimes even more advanced than passenger cars meaning production line test systems have to keep pace. If you want to talk to one of our expert test/software eningeers then reach out.


Did you know?

We’re specialists in LV Electrical & Wi-Fi Solutions meaning that once we have installed your testers we can bring power & data connections to a static solution or provide you with an effective wireless network enabling testers to roam.