Why we like working for Actemium

We asked our own team members for their thoughts on what it’s like working here!  Real words from real people.  #Authenticity.

Here's what our team members say…

It’s good to share

It’s important to us to always keep the lines of communication open – we love to connect with our 500+ colleagues.  To help everyone feel genuinely part of what we do and excited by the past, present and future, our internal newsletters provide content that encourages a true sense of belonging across our multiple UK locations.



We also issue regular employee engagement survey’s that let our colleagues provide their feedback about ‘how we are doing’ as a business.  We are a people business, it’s our people who shape it for us and continue to make Actemium UK an incredible place to be.


So what’s on offer

To recruit and retain qualified team members, any business must have a competitive package.  At Actemium we benchmark against other organisations regularly – not just to keep up, but to ensure we stay ahead of the competition.