We are starting to bring our internal group knowledge (35 years+) to our customers and supplementing with specific UK capability via our proven supply chain partners.  We already have so many of the ingredients in place for this sector be that Electrical Installation, ICP Grid Connections, Panels & Automation it is a “no-brainer.  We will take it slow & steady at first and be selective for our initial projects and customers but just watch as this accelerating market sector takes us by the hand into a sustainable extension of our solutions on offer. 

    • Immediate savings on your electricity bills
    • Protection from future increases in energy costs 
    • Income for surplus renewable power generated 
    • Healthy return on investment 
    • Reduced CO2 emissions 
    • Improved green credentials 
    • Positive corporate publicity 
  • We are interested
    • Industrial & Commercial Roof-Top 
    • Canopies (Car Parks & Depot) 
  • We are not interested
    • Domestic 
    • Ground mounted (field) large scale arrays 
    • Water mounted/Floating 
  • Advise

    By answering a few basic questions and taking a look on google maps an initial desk-top feasibility study can be completedAn initial proposal will confirm a system design, specification and budget with an indication of potential return on investment and payback time in yearsSo quickly you will be able to assess if you want to go further and consider this a wise investment. 

  • Design

    At this point we go deeper, a site survey visit will be necessary as we will want to take a closer look at your facilityWhat does that existing incoming power supply look like, how old is that LV distribution board and does it have expansion capacity, is the roof structure suitable for additional weight, will the DNO allow us to connect or are there limits, are there complexities for roof access, is it possible to be paid for PV-generated electricity exported to the National Grid?  Upon completion a detailed bespoke design can be produced which will confirm return on investment period more accurately and potential profit thereafter. 

  • Scope of Works (Prelims)
    • Project Management 
    • Site Supervision 
    • CDM Principle Contractor 
    • H&S Audits
  • Scope of Works – Self Delivery
    • DNO Connection 
    • AC/DC Installation 
    • Inverter Panel 
    • Data Cabling 
    • Panel Installation 
    • Test & Commission 
    • Certification 
  • Planned Maintenance

    Solar PV systems are largely maintenance free, panels for example have no moving parts.  Some customers want that reassurance of support via an agreed O&M package, others consider it unnecessary.  The choice is yours, regardless there are three main areas to be aware of;  

    • Any PV system needs to be included in the regular (5 yearly) electrical inspections of a building that are required by law. 
    • The lifespan of an inverter (10-15 Years) is shorter than any other component in a Solar PV System 
    • Mother nature (rain) will tend to keep panels clean, however periodic visual assessment is recommended if roof access allows.  If not then system performance monitoring will illustrate a reduction and an issue to be resolved. 

Let’s get high! (on your roof)

With an electrical installation workforce already well versed in working at height and a robust Safety Excellence Culture the only thing we cant control for your system is the sun.


Did you know?

A sister company to Actemium within Vinci Energies is IZEN, based in Belgium & the Netherlands they have been delivering Solar PV Projects since the 1980’s.  We have access to their knowledge, their talent and their enthusiasm for all things PV.