• Advice

    We are a people business, we hope you are too, if you are then we have a good match to begin withActemium recognises the importance of a close customer working relationship especially when providing tailor-made solutions for diverse industry sectors and applications.  Our engineers pride themselves in the interpretation of customer specifications, challenging where necessary and bringing value to the table for consideration. 

  • Design

    With more than 80 years of leading-edge experience, Actemium is synonymous with high quality, reliable and innovative solutions and that all starts with DesignOur products are engineered with ergonomic awareness, maintenance friendly & future proof should expansion be required down the lineCertified to the highest of standards and documented to within an inch of it’s life demanded by Industry regulationsIt is safe to say that design expertise is class leading and we practice what we preach. 

  • Centres of Excellence

    We supply electrical panel solutions across a number of industry sectors but as you know the requirements for an Automotive Factory or Supermarket in the UK is somewhat different to a Nuclear plant or even an Oil & Gas field overseas.  Therefore, each of our multiple locations “stick to the plan” and focus their energy and the development of their people to become experts in their chosen fields 

  • Supply Chain Management

    Lead time co-ordination is crucial in the delivery of a hardware reliant projectDemand is often high meaning delivery periods can be long for core components, so getting this right is key to hitting that all important milestone. 

  • Site Installation

    Highly motivated, enthusiastic, friendly but most importantly skilled engineers are on-hand to provide the safe systems of work necessary to take the highquality end product from our facility to yours.  Planning is everything and we have moved a lot of panels over the decades so rest assured you will be in safe hands.   

  • Maintenance & Support

    Wear and Tear is inevitable, component failures can happen out of the blue!, it is how you deal with it that differentiatesWe score well in this area which is why customer trust with Actemium is highWe can provide Planned, Preventative Maintenance (PPM) services also to reduce that risk of disruption and associated cost to your business. 

  • Post-Install Services

    Contractual or ad-hoc support 

    Panel surveys 

    Thermal imaging 

    Non-invasive service 

    Invasive (full isolation) service 

    Power/energy surveys (PMS/EMS) 

    Customer training 

    Extended warranty 

    Spares management 

  • Upcycle not Recycle (ECO FIT)

    We can update your switchgear with Schneider ECOFIT, a pre-engineered, tested & compliant solution for fast and easy integration into your existing installationUltimately the objective is to extend lifespan, enhance availability and optimise reliability and by replacing only aging/obsolete components means you reduce recycling costs and enhance sustainability. 

  • Panel Variants

    Power management systems (PMS) 

    Generator control, protection & synchronising (GCP)  

    Turbine control  

    Common synchronising (CSP) 

    Motor control centres (mcc) 

    Neutral earthing resister & transformer panels 

    Pressurised & purged 

    Mobile switchboards 

    Schneider certified (OKKEN & PRISMA) 

  • Panel Variants

    LV switchgear  

    LV distribution boards 

    Sub-distribution boards 

    Package substations 

    Weather proof range 

We manufacture switchgear, control and instrumentation panels using solutions from our partners:


Let’s get that panel assembled

Whether you know exactly what you need, want more information, or would like to discuss an idea with one of our panel experts, we’re here to help.


Did you know?

We not only design and build panels, but we can also: 

  • Containerise for enhanced Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) pre-delivery enabling faster deployment once we reach site