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Solutions for E-Mobility

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Solutions for E-Mobility

Business & Employees

Lowering your company’s carbon footprint by transitioning your fleet to Electric Vehicles and by widening staff car options will reduce your carbon emissions, helping your sustainability goals and cutting your overall running costs, improving the bottom line.

By encouraging staff to adopt EV driving for their daily commute, they would benefit from reduced fuel cost or ultimately free charging at work. From 2018, with zero-rate of Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) tax for Electric Vehicles, the company car driver will be financially better off every year.

Customers & Visitors

Your customers can now park up and charge their car or van whilst doing business with you. Customers and visitors are more likely to build their day around where they can charge and do business.

Survey and expert advice

Actemium’s expert EV engineers are ideally placed to analyse your requirements and tailor your charging system based on your fleet’s specific requirements. We will erase any concerns when planning to introduce electrified vehicles into your fleet.

Contact us and we will find the best charging solution for your business. Actemium will provide no obligation site survey and we will explain what is most suitable. We can also advise on the integration, upgrade or expansion of an existing charge point facility. We advise on the best solution as we work with selected few manufacturers to make sure we chose the best solution on the market. We will then install and if you wish, also maintain and service your chargers to give you peace of mind. We provide end to end project management to make the process efficient and smooth for you.

Installation & Project Management

Actemium EV can install your charge point solutions and we also offer end to end project management covering every aspect of the planning process.

For example:

Actemium EV is uniquely placed to provide this type of service, with a proven track record of successful projects. 

Service & Maintenance

Actemium can provide SLAs for your charging system.

Undertaking routine periodic testing and maintenance to ensure safety and reliability. We offer flexible tailored plans which will afford you peace of mind.

Our plans can be adjusted to suit your budget whilst ensuring the best service.

We can offer:


Actemium in the UK & Ireland

Actemium provides engineering design, project management, installation and maintenance services in the United Kingdom since 1907.

Actemium is the VINCI Energies network of businesses 100% dedicated to the industry.The network comprising 20,000 engineers & technicians within 350 local business units across 40 countries worldwide. We are a network of specialists providing added-value solutions to industry and generating a turnover of €2.5 Bn per annum.

Our Coventry business unit is specialising in the electric vehicle infrastructure. Depending on your business needs, can offer a variety of charge point solutions.

Visit our EV page here dedicated to a selection of business sectors.