• Advice

    We don’t chase the market. We work closely with a select number of customers always with the intention for a long-term relationship. We will come to your site, assess your requirements and provide you with the most cost-effective, least-disruptive and sustainable solution. The vast majority of our Project Managers are “off the tools”, so have done the job and know what they are talking about.  

  • Design

    We’re able to install in accordance with a customer or consultants defined specification, but will always provide pro-active input and will challenge when we believe  improvements can be made technically or commerciallyAlternatively, leave the specification completely in our court. Rest assured our directly employed experts and established supply chain will come up with the right solution for you. 

  • Centres of Excellence

    We provide similar electrical services across a number of industry sectors, but, as you know, the requirements for an Automotive Factory is somewhat different than than for a Food processing plant. Therefore, each of our multiple locations “stick to the plan” and focus their energy and the development of their people to become experts in their field.

  • A Flexible Workforce

    With a combined electrical sitebased workforce of approximately 150 engineers, we’re are able to flex if larger projects demand it. We achieved this by joining forces and amalgamating resources from our multiple locations. The supervision and project management will always come from the centre of excellence closest to the customer and most understanding of the working environment. 

  • Planned Maintenance

    To be clear, we are not a maintenance organisation, however, being quite often resident on customer sites a high % of our works is very quick turnaround and reactiveWe are at the “beck and call” of many customers and on-hand to make the necessary changes to their facility helping them to maximise operational efficiency. 

  • Scope of Works
    • Cabling  
    • Containment systems  
    • Facility power distribution 
    • Production power distribution 
    • Busbar systems 
    • Lightning protection  
    • Load monitoring  
    • Earthing studies 
    • Transformer upgrades 
  • Scope of Works
    • Office/IT power distribution 
    • Fire alarm/Access control cabling 
    • CCTV/Audio Visual cabling 
    • ANPR cabling 
    • Specialist Rail Telecomms (SISS, PA/VA, SC) 
    • I/O cabling 
    • Production line device cabling 
    • Motor & drives cabling 
  • Scope of Works

    We have comprehensive experience in the design and installation of lighting and control systems, including energy-efficient solutions. We have in place an established, trusted, reliable and sustainable supply chain able to satisfy  architectural, commercial, industrial, and hazardous area applications. You can be confident that our  recommendation will be the right one. 

  • Scope of Works


    We understand the serious nature and specialised requirements of working in hazardous and potentially explosive environments (gaseous and dusty). We can help to keep your risks to a minimum and protect your staff, as well as our own. 

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Let’s meet on site and take a look together

We don’t shout from the rooftops about what we have done as we have moved on to the next project, no fuss, no drama and certainly no patting ourselves on the back. We are the best kept secret in Electrical Contracting. Talk to us and you will want to work with us, work with us and you will see why our customers keep coming back year after year. Above all else you can trust us!


Did you know?

In 1985, Rover Group (Longbridge) made the decision to develop a new electronic engine management system in-house, now commonly known as an ECU (Engine Control Unit).  The 1st vehicle fitted with the system was the Austin Montego 2.0L in 1989, tested by software called STRATUS.   

Since 2007 Actemium has owned and developed STRATUS so take a look at our Vehicle Test offer and see just how far that solution has travelled