• Advise
    • Feasibility studies 
    • Pre-construction surveys 
      • Environmental 
      • Topographical 
      • Earthing 
      • Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) 
      • Geotech 
    • Grid Connection  
      • Location assessment  
      • Load assessment 
      • Application 
      • Secure 
    • DNO and IDNO discussions 
    • Planning permission input 
  • Design
    • HV cable networks and substation 
      • 11 & 20kV accredited 
      • 33kV Partial accreditation 
    • DNO/IDNO approvals
    • Early approval is key to enable project critical path to be optimised 
    • As built 
  • Stakeholder Management

    There are so many potential stakeholders in the delivery of an ICP connection that it is quite a skill to juggle so many balls at the same time and keep everybody updated and content. Customers, landowners, legals, DNOs, IDNOs, site operators, system operators, local authorities, general public and end users … the list is demanding.  

  • Supply Chain Management

    Lead time co-ordination is crucial in the delivery of an ICP project. Delivery periods can be long for core components, such as Ring Main Units (RMU), transformers (Tx), package sub-stations, GRP housings, LV distribution panels, and even cable. Getting this right is key to success with demand so high. 

  • Sub-Contractor Management

    Whenever possible, we operate a self-delivery model. It is the Actemium way! But we stick to what we are good at and are happy to admit we rely on our well-established supply chain for the delivery of Civil Construction. However, supervision is always provided by Actemium directly employed people, as we consider control of sub-contractors imperative for risk reduction and site safety.   

  • Scope of Works (Build)
    • F10 HSE application 
    • CDM principle contractor 
    • Construction phase plan 
    • Site welfare 
    • Site supervision 
    • Proactive H&S audits 
  • Scope of Works (Build)
    • Excavation 
      • Trenching 
      • Directional drilling 
      • Joint bays 
    • Reinstatement 
      • Earthwork 
      • Tarmac, paving, stone 
      • Landscaping 
    • RMU/transformer/LV panel bases 
  • Scope of Works (Build)
    • Supply/Install 
      • RMU 
      • Transformer 
      • Package sub-station 
      • GRP housing 
      • Brick-built housing 
      • Ducting 
      • Earthing 
      • Cable & marking 
  • Scope of Works (Build)
    • LV & HV <33kV connection/jointing 
    • Terminations 
    • Pressure tests 
    • Test/commission 
    • Energisation (DNO/IDNO) 
    • Adoption (DNO/IDNO) 

Customers we work with:


Let’s walk that cable route together

Whether that cable connection is the other side of the fence or 1km away through a muddy field, we will put our safety boots on and walk that route with you. We want to see with our own eyes before putting pencil to paper, and prefer not to hide behind the desk and design from afar.


Did you know?

Our ICP offer is a critical component in our turnkey delivery of EV Charging infrastructure. So, take a look at how Actemium are supporting global organisations in their UK roll-out strategies and enabling the onward journeys of a growing number of EV drivers.