Electric Vehicle Charging
EV Charging Solutions


The biggest transition in vehicle power systems is upon us, the UK as an island has almost 35 million cars registered and on the road, 4.3 million small and medium-sized commercial vans and 82,000 buses almost all of which are running on Petrol and Diesel.

Now we are bracing ourselves and the infrastructure around us to power tomorrow’s vehicles on Electric and other zero and lesser carbon fuels.  How we generate this power is fundamental to how green the fuel will be in the vehicles, how efficient in carbon reduction the transition will be, and how much cleaner and greener our urban and semi-urban spaces will become.

For this we look to the Utility providers, generators and operators to attempt to move at a speed sufficient for the uptake of EV’s, 15 million of which will be on the UK roads by 2035.  EV deployment for your own business is step 1, but how you facilitate EV charging to your paying customers is as important, if not more so.

Let Actemium help you shape your carbon-free electrical supply to all of your customer base, with smart charging solutions, helping your customer retention, satisfaction and market share growth, we can help you achieve every touchstone for your business success, now and tomorrow.

Actemium EV offers a wide range of solutions for Utility sector:

  • Quality, consistent, professional, high volume deployment of charging solutions in all segments
  • Collection and analysis of charging station data. Developmental support for smart grid projects
  • Analysis of consumer’s load profile and adoption of Dynamic Load Management.
  • Mitigating against over-consumption related risks and enabling high-performance charging.
  • Customer-centric solutions inclusive of clean energy generation and energy storage solutions
  • Vehicle to Grid (V2G) installation, data and consultancy