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Universities & Colleges

It’s important that Educational Institutions promote sustainable transport & travel.  The UK Government has announced that it will ban petrol and diesel fuel car sales by 2040, this is the headline most visible within the wider media.  The installation of Charge Points alongside the transition to a sustainable vehicle fleet can only serve to encourage the uptake of EV’s/PHEV’s & promote reduced or ideally zero-emission transportation.  The installation of Charge Point’s demonstrates a commitment to Environmental Sustainability and can only help to attract & educate young talent that is conscious and aware of this responsibility.


Actemium EV operates a solution-led approach, we work with a select number of manufacturers that we have validated and are happy to endorse.  Actemium EV will Design, Install & Maintain your Charge Point Installation to give you ultimate peace of mind.  Specialist Project Managers are on-hand to provide expertise through the project life-cycle and will guide you through the whole process.