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Hotel & Venues

Your hotel can hugely benefit from installing charge point units at your premises. We have listed some of the top advantages of charge points.

  • Attract more guests who drive EV’s & PHEV’s and need to charge overnight – with 15 million EV’s expected on UK roads by 2035, EV Charging offered by the hotel will draw a growing number of green drivers.
  • Overnight visitors often choose a hotel destination based on charging equipment availability.
  • Short stay & Business visitors often choose a hotel & meeting destination based on charging equipment availability & rate or speed of charge.
  • A Charge Point installed demonstrates a forward thinking and future-proof venue.
  • Promote your venue by listing location and Charge Point capability on Apps such as ZAPMAP and increase your market reach.
  • Word of mouth will generate interest and utilisation.
  • Increase your foot-fall of business lunches, meetings, conferences, training etc…to satisfy the increasing demand of the company car driver.
  • Fleets are transitioning to EV’s/PHEV’s at a FAST rate, and with up to 70% of registered vehicles being fleet owned, you can grab that business now!
  • Stand out from the crowd, be different, be an innovator and early adopter, then leave your competition behind.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and have a positive impact on the environment.
  • Enhance your brand image.
  • Enhance your customer experience.
  • Automate payment via the Charge Point Back-Office software.
  • Have variable tariffs for employees/suppliers/residents/visitors etc…

Actemium EV operates a solution-led approach, we work with a select number of manufacturers that we have validated and are happy to endorse.  Actemium EV will Design, Install & Maintain your Charge Point Installation to give you ultimate peace of mind.  Specialist Project Managers are on-hand to provide expertise through the project life-cycle and will guide you through the whole process.