• Making the right choice

    We are an agnostic solution provider or integrator but what does that actually meanIt means we do not offer or receive exclusivity from any hardware or back-office providerWe are 100% free to choose and make recommendations to our customers based on their individual needs and project criteria.  This enables us to constantly assess the market because in a fastpaced sector such as this technology advances quickly and our customers rely on us being informed and current.   

  • Deployment Partner

    Some of our customers are CPO’s (Charge Point Operators) meaning they have a defined standard solution already they just need skilled and experienced resource to installThis is where we come in, experienced in large scale roll-out of AC 7-22kW charging schemes as well as DC 50-350kW High Power chargers, trust us to get that free issued hardware in the ground, switched on and generating your revenue. 

  • What we are not

    We are NOT a CPO (Chargepoint Operator), we don’t own or operate infrastructure ourselves. 

    We are not an EV Charger manufacturer and never will be 

    We are not a back-office platform provider and never will be 

    So we are not your competition and can be trusted to always work in your best interests. 

  • Advise

    Our ability to provide early consultation has proved invaluable for many customers over the yearsSite surveys completed by our experienced Project Managers and Electrical Supervisors, power readiness checks and even budget costing for initial site viability are all available for you should support be needed. 

  • Design

    Standardisation is key, not only to maximise efficiency and reduce costs but also to drive consistency in terms of appearance and quality.  The progress made in this area during recent years has been significant and the Actemium team includes directly employed design engineers that covers all aspects ie ICP/HV/LV Electrical + Mechanical/Civil/ergonomics. 

  • Location Location Location

    The centre of excellence for all things EV Charging is Coventry since 2010.  With projects delivered as far North as Aviemore and Cornwall in the South we recognised the need for additional presence.  Rochester & Chorley are the latest pins in the map as satellite offices for EV project delivery.  With demand ever-increasing we just might need to buy a few more pins.  


  • Maintenance

    Currently we provide formal planned and reactive support to a wellknown OEM for their high power 350kW DC charging infrastructure installed across the UK at multiple dealership locationsBesides that, the majority of other interventions are ad-hoc and best endeavoursMaintenance is core to the Actemium brand internationally and there is no doubt that EV charging will demand a dedicated team be formedWatch this space!    

  • Scope of Works – Prelims
    • Project Management 
    • Site Security 
    • Site Supervision 
    • CDM Principle Contractor 
    • Site Welfare 
    • Traffic Management 
    • H&S audits 
  • Site of Works – Self Delivery
    • ICP/DNO Connection 
    • ICP Hardware 
    • LV Installation 
    • HV Installation 
    • LV Panel 
    • Feeder Pillars 
    • Data Cabling 
    • Charger Installation 
    • Power Module Installation 
    • Test & Commission 
    • Certification 
    • LED Lighting 
  • Scope of Works – Via Supply Chain
    • Civil Construction 
      • Excavation 
      • Reinstatement 
      • Bases 
    • Landscaping 
    • Parking/Path Surfacing 
    • Bay Marking  

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Let’s agree that we know what we are doing!

We challenge you to find a partner more experienced than us and one that has lived the Electric Vehicle journey for as long as we have. We are not new kids on the block jumping on the bandwagon of opportunity at the 11th hour. We have served our time, earned our stripes and have a few scars also to prove it. So please talk to us, give us a chance to show/tell you what we have done and more importantly what we can do for you.


Did you know?

Our ICP offer is a critical component in our turnkey delivery of EV Charging infrastructureSo, when you add LV/MV Electrical + Panel manufacture/assembly into the catalogue of Actemium self-delivery you know you have found a viable partner.