Private Mobile Networks

An Actemium / Axians / Nokia Collaboration

Take advantage of Industry 4.0 with a Private Mobile Network

The UK has made it easier for factories and industrial sites to invest in a Private Mobile Network. With robotics, automation, artificial intelligence and IoT technologies playing an increasingly critical role in manufacturing, the need for robust connectivity is more important than ever.

Actemium, working in collaboration with Axians and powered by Nokia offers a comprehensive, industrial-scale, Private Mobile Network. We can help you from initial planning to building a solution that will help you to improve site flexibility, operational efficiency and visibility of your people and assets.  

Top benefits of a Private LTE Network

  • Scalability — Get the massive connectivity and capacity you need to cost-effectively expand your business
  • Security — Block unauthorized access, maintain data privacy and protect your intellectual property with a complete on-campus wireless solution that you control
  • Flexibility — Untether your facility and make production process changes in real time
  • Reliability — Provide the continuous connectivity and service continuity you need for business-critical operations, even in extreme environments

Get in Touch to Discover:

  • The benefits of a Private Mobile Network over Wi-Fi systems
  • A wide range of different use cases for your business
  • Further details on our collaboration
  • How we can build a tailored solution to meet your needs
  • Case studies and examples

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