• Advice

    Our engineers pride themselves in the interpretation of customer specifications but even more exciting for them is to let the technical/creative juices & enthusiasm flowListening to the customer is paramount and it is a bedrock on which Actemium is built, so talk to us, share your ideas and we will share oursWe will bring our experience to the table and quickly take that blank piece of paper and begin the journey of making it a reality. 

  • Design

    Actemium is synonymous with high quality, reliable and innovative solutions and that all starts with DesignOur products are engineered with ergonomic awareness, maintenance friendly & future proof should expansion be required down the lineCertified to the highest of standards and documented to within an inch of it’s life demanded by Industry regulationsIt is safe to say that design expertise is class leading and we practice what we preach. 

  • Supply Chain Management

    Lead time co-ordination is crucial in the delivery of a hardware reliant projectDemand is often high meaning delivery periods can be long for core components, so getting this right is key to hitting that all important milestone. 

  • Site Installation

    Pick and place is perhaps over-simplifying but the beauty of a containerised solution is exactly thatManufacture, Assembly & Factory Acceptance Testing can all be completed before delivery to site and reduces on-site activity/disruptionOff-Load times of approximately 1 hour is normal and with all functionality being self-contained a plug & play approach for Power/IT means we will be out of your way in no time at all. 

  • Maintenance & Support

    Wear and Tear is inevitable, component failures can happen out of the blue!, it is how you deal with it that differentiatesWe score well in this area which is why customer trust with Actemium is highWe can provide Planned, Preventative Maintenance (PPM) services also to reduce that risk of disruption and associated cost to your business. 

  • Container Variants


    Local equipment rooms (LER) 

    Portable modular data centres (PMDC) 

    Battery energy storage systems (BESS) 

  • Integral Features

    Standard ISO form 

    Single Piece or Multiple sections 

    Mild or Stainless Steel 

    LV/MV Segregation 

    Thermal Insulation 

    Noise attenuation 

    Under-floor cabling 

    Over-head floor cabling 

  • Integral Features

    IT Infrastructure 



    Blast & Fire rated 

    Fire & Gas Detection & Suppression 

    Internal/External Lighting 

    Health & Safety Facilities 

  • Integral Features

    Personnel Doors 

    Airlock entry 

    Equipment Access Doors 



    Standby Generators 

We manufacture bespoke containerised solutions using technology from our trusted partners:


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Let’s take an empty container and make it work for you.

Whether you know exactly what you need, want more information, or would like to discuss an idea with one of our experts, we’re here to help.


Did you know?

Not only do we engineer the complete containerised solution but we; 

  • Design, Build & Maintain the Electrical Panels that sit within