We provide an array of control and automation solutions across a wide range of sectors. Whether you require a system upgrade, expansion or an entirely new installation, our technologically advanced control systems will ensure a system design of the highest quality.

Cyber Security

Industrial Control Systems can be particularly vulnerable to cyber-attack as they often were installed when cyber security was not considered an issue of concern. Unfortunately, today, threats to industrial control systems can occur surprisingly easily and may come from a targeted cyber attack, malicious insider or human error via anything: an infected USB stick, default/weak passwords, insecure remote access, or a phishing emails.

The results of an attack can include loss of assets and revenue, loss of production, reputational damage, and breach of data. If the control system is compromised, this could also be a threat to human safety and life. Our expert knowledge of control systems and cyber security means that we can work with you to implement robust security measures appropriate for your production environment.

Actemium Automation offers a variety of services that support managing cyber security in the production environment and beyond, utilising international standards, such as the IEC-62443 and NIST. Actemium Automation will provide a fixed-price survey of ICS assets and a security-risk assessment that can then be used to prioritise technical defences and policy development

We provide services in the following areas:

  • Development of a Cyber Security Program
  • Risk assessment
  • Secure network design
  • System Hardening
  • Intrusion prevention/detection
  • IEC 62443 guidance
  • Cyber-security awareness training
  • Development of policies and procedures