Site surveys and asset management tasks on Nuclear-licensed sites using SC-cleared engineers are labour intensive and time consuming. Benefits In using our Faro Focus m70 laser scanner include:


    Brings the site to the desktop 

    Full site measuring capability 

    Creation of 3D models based on point cloud data 

    Overlays of 3D models onto as-built point cloud data 

    Perform quick and accurate scanning of complex infrastructure 

    Site visits kept to a minimum  

    Reduced operator radiological dose 

    Site data widely available to all stakeholders 

    Creates an as-built scenario for industrial facilities 

    Creates floor plans and elevations 

    Creates high-definition photographs 



    An advantage of using the Faro scanner package is the ability to automatically generate Virtual Reality (VR) models, which can then be viewed using HTC Vive headsets. Benefits include: 

    Full plant virtual walkthrough 

    Fully immersive experience 

    Reduced operator radiological dose 

    Realistic plant scenario 

    Operator training 

    Plant hazard identification prior to site visits 


    By deploying an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) – a drone – to map your site and capture high-resolution imagery of a specific structure, we can import the resulting photographs into a software package to generate a detailed 3-D digital model of the real-world environment. The point cloud data and photo textured mesh captured from the aerial survey is then merged with the 3-D model generated from a laser scan to create a combined model for use in future design activities. 

    By using enterprise-grade commercial drones and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)-qualified pilots, we negate the need for you to spend significant amounts on hiring Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)-equipped planes to conduct similar surveys and achieve comparable results. This allows us to offer a cost-effective solution to survey previously inaccessible or hazardous areas. 


    The representation of the real-world environment from laser scans and drones can be imported into the Computer Aided Design (CAD) packages Actemium Design typically use, such as Inventor, AutoCAD, Plant 3D, Navisworks, etc. for the purposes of pipework/cable routing, clash detection, site layout optimisation, and much more. 


    We have experience in 3D printing and know how valuable it can be in the design process. 3D printing offers a rapid method of producing design prototypes, which can help streamline the design process to reach the desired solution faster and more efficiently. This technology can has improve customer engagement as we can showcase our concepts and innovative ideas in a tactile form. 

Let’s embrace technology

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