• Advise

    Methodical and structured approach  

    Desktop safety reviews 

    Safety case reviews 

    Hazard & operability studies (HAZOP) 

    Hazard analysis studies (HAZAN) 

  • Operations

    A detailed examination of all current conditions and operations of plant safety systems 

  • Safety Hazards

    Identification of safety hazards associated with those operations 

  • Safety Functions

    Identification of safety functions that must be maintained to prevent safety hazards from leading to an unsafe condition.   

    Recognition of structures, systems and components (SSC) that uphold safety functions.


  • Reports & Compliance

    Design substantiation reports (DSR)

    Design justification reports (DIR)  

    Design assessment reports (DAR) 

    Adherence to applicable safety legislation, procedures & standards 

Let’s make your business as safe as it can be.

Bringing continuous rigor and structure to the most important aspect of any customer’s business – operational safety.


Did you know?

There is a healthy cross-over to Safety System Design expertise within our Automation team.