Instrumentation, Control & Switchgear

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Actemium has been designing and manufacturing Motor and Generator Control Panels for over 30 years and has extensive experience in working in partnership with gas & steam turbines, diesel engine and alternator manufacturers.

Each Generator Control Panel is bespoke and designed according to each specific project.

Generator & Turbine Control Panels 

  • Mild Steel Painted/Stainless Steel 316 Fabrications
  • Construction IP42 up-to IP66
  • Excitation Control
  • Generator Protection
  • Retrofit & Upgrades

Motor Control Centres & LV Switchgear 

  • Fixed & Withdrawable Designs
  • Form 1 thru to Form 4 type 7
  • L25kA -1sec thru to 80kA-1sec
  • Intelligent MCC using Siemens Simocode
  • Custom designed to solve installation problems
  • Any type of starting or equipment
  • Front or Rear access
LV Switchboards are fully modular solutions that can be tailored to suit the required width, height and depth. Our system can integrate seamlessly with clients new and existing plant and supervisory systems.

Actemium modular systems meet the most demanding technical and quality criteria. Systems can be supplied split for ease of transportation & installations, especially where space is limited. Future extensions or modifications are also possible using the modular system. 

Power Management Systems 

  • Generator Management – Auto. Start/Stop
  • Load shedding scheme
  • Load sharing of multiple generators
  • Remote monitoring
  • Data acquisition
  • Internal diagnostics
  • Event logging
  • Redundant Comms. & CPU
Actemium Power Management Systems have been developed in conjunction with OEM’s, Engineers and Operations to provide you with a truly flexible way to control your power.

Our offer is tailored to suit your exact requirements. Features can be added or removed depending on the specific site requirements, making it extremely competitive and bespoke to your site. 

Actemium systems can integrate seamlessly with your process plant and existing control systems.  

Local Equipment Rooms (LERs)

  • Pressurised Equipment Rooms
  • Constructed to withstand external blast explosion
  • Complete LER situated on a 1.5m high support structure c/w platform & stairs
  • Structure c/w platform & stairs
  • Dual Redundant HVAC Units
  • Fire & Gas System
  • Damper Assemblies
  • Fully equipped room with all the required HV & LV equipment
Actemium Local Equipment Rooms are designed and constructed to meet clients onshore and offshore technical requirements and can be customised to suit specific site constraints.


  • Units can be supplied fully fitted and pre-cabled
  • They will be tested ready to be installed on site, reducing the requirement for expensive and time-consuming civil work
  • A solution that will reduce the cost and complexity of your site installation.  

Neutral Earthing Resister & Transformer Panels 

  • Weatherproof Construction
  • System voltages of up to 11kV
  • Complete with Voltage & current transformers
  • Line & Neutral terminations
  • Fixed & withdrawable Voltage transformers

Pressurised / Purged Panels 

  • Purge & Pressurising Control Systems
  • Certified to IECEX Global
  • Enclosure Cooler Systems
  • Power Isolation / Disconnect
  • Remote Alarm Units

Synchronising Panels 

  • Automatic Synchronising Control
  • Load Sharing between Engines
  • Load Shedding
  • Automatic Start-up and Shut-down
  • Grid Power Factor Control
  • Complex NER Control

Data Centres

Portable Modular Data Centres are designed and constructed to meet clients technical requirements and can be fully customised & scaled to meet demands and specific site constraints. 

Benefits of adopting the Modular Data Centre 

  • Units can be supplied fully configured, pre-cabled to speed up the deployment 
  • Units will be tested, ready for deployment on site, reducing the requirement for expensive and time-consuming civil work
  • A flexible & robust solution
  • An efficient & economical solution that can reduce OPEX, costs and complexity of your site installation
  • PUE Compliancy 
  • Decal wrapping. 

For PMDC Base Variations, please download the Portable Modular Data Centre brochure