• A Single Plug Leads to:
    • Clean air in cities close to busy seaports 
    • Quiet environment onboard and onshore during port presence 
    • Green profile for port authorities 
  • Profitability

    Even at an early stage, we’re able to advise you and work out the advantages of a shore power solution. With decades of experience and proven calculation methods, energy selling prices, emission savings, system workloads, and much more can be determined to underpin a financial investment. 

  • Advise

    Location analysis, concept design and feasibility studies are all available from Actemium in the UK, with remote support from our Actemium International colleagues. 

  • Design

    A turnkey provider for both high- and low-voltage shore connections. System architecture and electrical engineering always taking into account country-specific and international standards and regulations  This is the “sweet spot” where our existing UK panel experience (including containerised) meets our International colleagues OPS knowledge. A match made in heaven! 

  • Build

    System construction is achieved via our existing UK panel facility, which frequently delivers containerised solutions for the Oil & Gas and Nuclear sectors up to 40ft long. We’re able to provide a turnkey installation service, including ICP Grid Connection, Civil works, and Automation for that all-important control and system integration. 

Customers we work with:

Let’s add the UK to our reference map

There are few OPS systems installed in the UK thus far and as a nation, we lag well behind other parts of Europe. When the UK is ready, Actemium is able.


Did you know?

We have 15 OPS competence centres around the world, the UK being the most recent. S0, take a short diversion to our Actemium.com OPS page and check out our history with international maritime ports.