Real-Time Condition Monitoring - Predicting and Preventing Failure

Written by Trevor McClay (Business Development Manager – Actemium Automation Nottingham)

Actemium Automation are working with a large confectionery manufacturer to implement a pilot Condition Monitoring application utilising the new Dynamix 1444 series condition monitoring range from Rockwell Automation, which supports a strategy to develop an offering in condition monitoring that will have application across many market sectors.

Condition Monitoring (CM) forms parts of a predictive maintenance type approach that involves using sensors to measure the status of an asset over time while it is in operation.  Predictive maintenance, as the term implies, means maintenance is only performed when the data shows that performance is decreasing or a failure is likely and this in turn leads to reduced repair costs and increased safety of machinery and people.

Machine condition monitoring has recently gained increased significance as companies are focusing more on asset utilisation and increasing productivity, with the global machine condition monitoring market valued at $1872.2 million in 2017 and expected to reach a market value of $2529.7 million by 2023.  Increasing equipment performance and productivity through predictive maintenance and enhancement in equipment reliability by the effective projection of their failures are some of the factors that are boosting the growth of the machine condition monitoring market.

The Dynamix 1444 Series dynamic measurement module is a general-purpose monitor that can serve almost any industrial machinery protection or condition monitoring application. The module supports measurements of dynamic inputs such as vibration, pressure, and static inputs such as thrust, eccentricity, and rod drop. The module can be used for monitoring shaft, casing, and pedestal vibration, shaft and rod position, casing expansion and other critical dynamic and position measurements on rotating machinery.  It provides real-time analysis of vibration data utilising intelligent algorithms that can relate the vibration data to specific pieces of equipment and specific faults with that equipment.

This process traditionally requires a specialist company to manually gather data on a periodic basis, analyse that data and report the findings back to the customer with recommendations on maintenance actions.

The Dynamix 1444 Series means the customer can have real time alarms raised on their control systems that prompt action or ultimately could shut equipment down if the no action is taken and the issue worsens.

Once the pilot system is up and running and initial results are reviewed it is expected the system will be rolled out across a large number of assets at this one site alone.

Actemium Automation Teesside Business Unit General Manager Steve Watson says: “We are excited to announce this next stage in the development of our company. Joining Actemium will elevate our capabilities and offer to customers, by enabling us to draw on the technical knowledge and experience of a huge number of international engineers”.

VINCI Energies UK & RoI Director Philippe Guérin says: “The unification of QSI Group with the wider Actemium brand is a ‘win-win’ for us and our customers. QSI Group’s expertise allows us to provide even more added-value for customers as we strive to transform industrial performance.”