Our People

Actemium is a part of the VINCI Energies family and as such, is led by the VINCI Energies Values of 'Innovation & Entrepreneurship', 'Integrity & Responsibility', Team Spirit & Generosity' and 'Trust & Empowerment'.

Who We Are

Each Actemium UK Business Unit has both the autonomy to drive their own businesses while having access to a network of 380 Business units across 40 countries.

At Actemium, we’re busy connecting the world for a better future by empowering and bringing together amazing people. Each of our Business Units contains expert teams that deliver on the promises of the energy and digital revolution and link into a valuable international network where skills and idea sharing is an important part of our culture.

As a part of the VINCI Energies Group, Actemium shares the following Values:

The Actemium Way

Our decentralised business model means that all of our employees play an important part in their own ‘human-sized’ business units. As such, everyone is afforded the necessary autonomy they need to achieve their ambitions and full potential. It’s a business model that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship, something that seperates us from our competitors.

The high levels of mobility and collaboration within the company allows us to combine expertise from across our Business Units to achieve remarkable feats of engineering.

Health and Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our safety excellence programme nurtures a culture which enables us to strive towards our goal of zero accidents of occupational ill-health.



We at Actemium are fiercely committed to best practices in ethics, vigilance and human rights: we fight all forms of discrimination in hiring, in workplace relations and in the career paths of our employees.

We offer everone the same training and career development opportunities regardless of their background. If an employee has motivation and passion for the job, they will be supported on their career path and can chieve great things in Actemium.

We fight all forms of discrimination in hiring, in workplace relations and in the career paths of our employees to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.