HS2 Code of Practice Good News For Actemium as JIB Members

High Speed Two Ltd (HS2 Ltd) has released an Employee and Industrial Relations (EIR) Code of Practice for HS2, Tier Contractors and their supply chains. This has significant advantages for Joint Industry Board (JIB) members Actemium and other companies looking to work on HS2, which is one of the most exciting and demanding transport projects in Europe.

As the largest infrastructure project in Europe expected to create 30,000 jobs, the Code of Practice for HS2 establishes a framework for good employment practices and employee relations. It lays out the need to comply with industry benchmarks for qualifications and skills, and also for contractors to meet the terms and conditions of employment, as set by the Joint Industry Board’s (JIB) National Working Rule Agreements (NWRA).

JIB sets what many refer to as the gold standard for employment, welfare, competence and training within the electrical contracting industry, standards which are upheld by their members.

For Actemium UK, as we provide electrical, mechanical and communication services to the rail industry, our JIB membership assures clients that our technical competence and professional qualifications are of the highest standards. It also demonstrates that we meet the terms and conditions set under the JIB collective agreement, which are a requirement for contractors on many high profile projects such as HS2, under their EIR Code of Practice. JIB member companies such as Actemium, are therefore ideally placed to win rail industry contracts as our JIB membership enables us to fast-track compliance. 

The HS2 project will be a catalyst for change revolutionising the UK transport system and will provide the infrastructure vital to supporting the government’s national plans for development and growth.

The JIB is an impartial organisation whose membership is comprised of some of the UK’s largest electrical contractors. To learn more about the JIB’s work for the electrical contracting industry and how their membership can benefit your business click here.