Actemium Wins Contract With Breedon Hope Cement Works

Cougar Automation North have been successful in winning the next phase of the control system upgrade at Breedon's Hope Cement Works, the UK's largest cement plant. Located near Hope in Derbyshire, the plant has been in operation for more than 80 years employing over 200 people and has the capacity to make around 1.5 million tonnes of cement each year.

As part of Breedon’s ongoing five year plan to upgrade their cement plant, Cougar Automation North first joined the project 3 years ago to work on phase one, concentrating on the rail and road loading for transporting the finished product off site through Breedon’s nationwide distribution network.  The next phase of this 5 year plan will see Cougar Automation North continue the upgrade of the existing Bailey Distributed Control System (DCS) to a modern Mitsubishi based PLC system with a MAPS SCADA. This next phase will also include an upgrade of 2 key areas of the plant, No.1 Kiln IDF (Indirect Firing) and No.1 Kiln T1 (Transport), which are then due to be commissioned for operation in early 2022.

By securing these latest two orders, Martin Hammond, Regional Leader (Yorkshire) confirmed:  

“These orders are brilliant news for Cougar Automation North, strengthening our relationship with the Breedon Group plc, who are the largest independent construction materials group in the UK and one of our key clients. We look forward to continue supporting the delivery of Breedon’s five year upgrade plan at their Hope Cement Works.”

For over 30 years Cougar Automation Limited have been a reliable and sought-after supplier of system integration services, predominantly within the industrial sector where their clients include those in the oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, food processing, waste recycling, energy, infrastructure, transportation, water and wastewater industries. They also provide the automated systems for refuelling planes at large international airports.

From 19 August 2021, Cougar Automation will rebrand as Actemium Automation to become one of the largest automation providers in the UK and RoI with 250 staff in 11 locations, along with 380 other specialist Actemium business units globally. Learn more here.