Actemium Coventry Install EV Chargers at Birmingham Airport

Actemium Coventry has recently completed the installation of Landside Fast Charging ABB Pantograph systems in front of the Birmingham Airport Terminal.  In addition, Actemium installed ABB Rapid Chargers in the Airport Coach Park all intended to supply the NEW fleet of ALL-Electric Volvo buses – one of the first projects of its kind in the UK.

From ABB’s recent press release: “Due to the requirement for 24/7 operation, each of the Volvo 7900e buses will be recharged en-route via two ABB 300kW opportunity charging pantographs installed outside the airport terminal. Charging will take two to six minutes to complete, providing flexibility and enabling continuous operation for the electric buses without having to spend time in the depot being ‘topped up’ with power.”


The below time-lapse video shows the Actemium Installation team in action;

From Nick Chambers (Business Unit General Manager, Actemium Coventry): “Actemium has great pleasure in sharing the time-lapse video for the installation of 2 x Pantograph Charging Stations at Birmingham Airport. The video provides a real insight into the excellent team work demonstrated by Actemium, ABB, Birmingham Airport & Volvo Bus UK. A truly iconic project to be involved in and delivered on time.  We look forward to assisting with many more Electric Bus Charging Solutions in the years to come.”