• Pre-Site

    We assemble, test and document equipment on our premises and sort any problems before our steel-toe-capped boots even touch your ground. This saves all parties time, money and disruption, so a ‘win win’.

  • Planning

    Our Project Managers and Site Supervisors assess all site activities on a case-by-case basis. Safety excellence is a culture truly embedded within our people, not just a banner on the wall. So don’t be offended when we challenge even our customers on site if we see dangers requiring our positive intervention. 

  • Site Supervision

    We rely on our own directly employed engineers to fulfil this crucial role. Fully qualified, with significant experience, they are our eyes and ears on site, and their proven control of Actemium and sub-contract labour is what allows us and you to sleep peacefully at night.  

  • Site Installation

    We provide the brawn, but also the brains on site to “get the job done”. Highly motivated, enthusiastic, friendly, but most importantly, skilled engineers are adaptable to a range of industry sectors in the delivery of customer projects. You will enjoy working with us; we guarantee it! 

  • Site Lifting Services

    Equipped and experienced to plan, supervise and undertake both simple and complex lifting operations for your site installation.  

  • Site Fabrication/Fit

    Sometimes it’s just not possible to do everything before site arrival. We are well versed in setting up portable/semi-permanent sitebased facilities for when a project demands fabrication or final assembly in-situ. 

  • Plant Relocations

    Let’s not over-complicate it; we can lift and we can shift. We just do it in a safe, controlled and methodical manner. Sounds easy, but it isn’t. So talk to us about your moves/changes and we will come up with a cunning plan on your behalf. 

  • Repairs/Servicing

    Wear and tear is unavoidable. Component failures can happen out of the blue! A quick response to a customer call for help is part of the Actemium DNA across the whole business, not just Mechanical. 

Let’s get your project installed

With Health & Safety at the forefront of our minds we will minimise site disruption and work with you to get the job done on time and within budget.


Did you know?

We have been deploying Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure across the UK since 2010, why not wander off to our Renewables page and see if you have already used a charger installed by Actemium.