Workplace Charging

Solutions for E-Mobility

Environmental Impact, CSR & Sustainability

Lowering your company’s carbon footprint by transitioning your fleet to Electric Vehicles and by widening staff car options will help to achieve sustainability goals, reduce overall running costs & improve the bottom line.

The impact of climate change is a concern for employees and business alike. By switching to Electric Vehicles, your business can have the chance to become an “Early Adopter” in the corporate world and as a result, initiate a positive environmental impact.

Queens speech 2017: the UK continues to be at the forefront of developing new technology in Electric and Automated road vehicles by:

  • Allowing the regulatory framework to keep pace with the fast evolving technology for electric cars, helping improve air quality
  • Providing for the installation of charging points for electric and hydrogen vehicles
  • Extending compulsory motor vehicle insurance to cover the use of automated vehicles, to ensure that compensation claims continue to be paid quickly, fairly, and easily, in line with longstanding insurance practice.