Electric Vehicle Charging


The international commuter is usually a mindful traveller, planning their trips with efficiency with an eye always on the convenience, reflecting the balance on the impact to their pockets.

The installation of Charge Points to support the EV Driver’s arrival and stay needs is another way to facilitate greener travel and energy potential. Their vehicles can charge and share the load with others stationed in the car park until their return.

Why not facilitate the growing number of Electric vehicles wanting to park short and longer term, improve the financial value and return on your car parking spaces.

Are you ready for Vehicle to Grid potential and its ability for sharing power for the community or airport with those drivers wishing to leave their stationary battery for their holiday period?

Facilitate those in the airports’ supply chain, Taxi’s, mini-buses and Uber drivers, allowing them to fast charge whilst queuing and waiting for their next fare? You will be facilitating a greener taxi journey around your community.

The final mile, a City term used in preparation for combustion engine bans to be introduced to the UK in the future.  Offer a sustainable addition to your infrastructure, for EV Car Rental operations, or those who would want to cycle or walk and avoid using the traditional combustion engine transport.

An airport can quickly benefit from the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Points.  Listed below are just some of the advantages.

  • Installing Charge Points could make it more likely for electric vehicle owners to fly from your airport, increasing your parking occupancy.
  • You can boost your revenue in several areas by offering charging for plug-in drivers who just do drop-offs and for long-stay customers by offering different charging types, speeds & tariff’s
  • You can consider ‘on demand’ choices like valet charging, DC quick charge access or reserved high-demand spaces for electric vehicles, Taxi’s, Mini-buses, and private hire fleets increasing revenue streams.
  • Enhance your customer experience
  • Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and positive impact on the environment
  • Automate payment via Charge Point Back-Office software.
  • Load balancing (for long-stay parking)
  • Vehicle to Grid (V2G) consideration
  • Make the best use of “spare” electrical capacity to avoid power supply upgrades.