Electric Vehicle Charging

Solutions for E-Mobility

Fleet Management & Company cars

When deciding on the transition of your Fleet to Electric, it is important to approach from a holistic perspective with driver profile at the core.  We would wholly endorse any Fleet Manager to go through a process of educating themselves over time as the industry is fast-paced, gathering momentum and the landscape is changing almost on a weekly basis.  Alternatively, Actemium is well placed to provide advice and consultation.

  • ‘Who pays what’

A flexible system that can allow many different user types, such as pool cars, staff, company cars, visitors & even the general public should you wish to do so. You can configure the charger to behave differently for each type of user ie vary tariffs from ZERO upwards. You can connect BOTH Workplace & Home charging into 1 Network & automate billing for charging a work vehicle at home.  This can assist in calculating overall C02 savings by capturing ALL relevant data.

  • Charging on the go!

Some charge point providers are already able to integrate with current fuel card providers. This could create a dual fuel system for plug-in hybrids or a simple solution for fully Electric Vehicles.

  • Be prepared for changes to the taxation system, this is currently a moving target and it is important to stay abreast of changes as they happen.
  • Automated management of charging spaces, optimising availability & reducing costly human interaction with the charging arrangement.
  • Charging points tailored to the fleet’s individual makeup. Dwell times, vehicle type, usage profile.
  • Load Management

Actemium EV can provide charging solutions which can make the best use of the available existing electrical capacity on site, avoiding costly supply upgrades.  Dynamic Load Management can reactively reduce the charging current during peak power demand periods whilst not drastically affecting the performance of the charging points. Actemium’s expert EV engineers are ideally placed to analyse and tailor your charging system based on your fleet’s specific requirements.