Supplying Turnkey Automation Solutions to Industry

We provide an array of control and automation solutions across a wide range of sectors. Whether you require a system upgrade, expansion or an entirely new installation, our technologically advanced control systems will ensure a system design of the highest quality.

Migration & Upgrades


Upgrading your automation systems to the latest control technology can reap great benefits, but you could also seek to replicate these returns by extracting maximum performance from your legacy assets. Knowing when to repair or replace ageing control assets is a challenge for even the most seasoned plant manager. We have the tools, expertise and modernisation methods to evaluate your existing automation systems and provide the upgrade strategy that is right for you, today and in the future.

If you are trying to manage flexibility, production performance and obsolescence within the constraints of safety and regulatory compliance we can help. Our engineering team are fully familiar with the latest methods and tools to determine where operational improvements can deliver measurable value.


To understand your obsolescence risk, begin by conducting a lifecycle analysis of your equipment, spare parts, and software inventory. A thorough review of this information will help you prioritise your modernisation needs and goals. We can assist in conducting an assessment of your current installed base of equipment. This can help you achieve this important step in a much-reduced timescale compared to doing it internally.

Develop a Plan

We can help you identify your most critical equipment, your biggest risks, and your migration options. Working together, we can plan upgrades to help you realise the benefits of better performance, more informed business decisions, and quicker response to changing market demands.  We can then help you implement a plan that fits your application needs, budget, and long-term goals.

Execute the Plan

Whether you choose to upgrade/migrate all at once or in phases, we have the skills and experience to achieve your vision. We can help you minimise disruption to plant by being flexible in our approach and planning outage activities to suit your requirements.