Oil & Gas

Actemium supports the companies involved in the Oil&Gas industry from the project's design to the commissioning of new solutions


  • Arzew
  • Burullus
  • GDF-Suez
  • In-Sallah Gas
  • Siemens
  • Sonara
  • Stronengy
  • Total

Burullus Gas Enppi Project

Burullus Gas Designing and Manufacturing project

Location: Egypt

Services provided:

  • Design & manufacture of three Generator Control Panels
  • Associated MotorControl Centres
  • PMS Panel to Control and Synchronise three 10MW Gas Turbines

Siemens in Amarah

Siemens Halfaya Oil Field

Location: Halfaya Oil Field, Iraq

Services provided:

  • Power Management System Genertator Control Panels
  • Motor Control Centres for 3 SGT-300 Gas Turbines

Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB

Location: Musandam, Oman


Supply of a purpose built Local Equiment Room(LER) intended to be shipped to the Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production LLC for the Musandam Gas Plant in Oman.

Service provided:

  • Local Equipment Room(LER)
  • Low Voltage Switchgear
  • Motor Control Centres
  • Generator and Turbine Control Panels
  • Common Synchronising Panel
  • Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • Battery Systems for:
    • 3 No Siemens Gas Turbine Generator sets

Siemens In-Salah Gas field project

Gas Turbine Generation Control System

Location: In-Salah Gas fields, Algeria

Services provided:

  • 2 x Blast Proof Local Equipment rooms containing electrical control
  • Battery systems and L.V. switchgear for generation system control
  • Fully equipped with dual redundant HVAC together with fire, gas and smoke detection systems

Siemens Tengiz Power Generation Scheme

Siemens Gas Turbine Scheme

Location: Tengiz, Kazakhstan


Gas Turbine Power Generation Scheme for Tengiz – Chevron

Services provided:

  • Design, manufacture and commissioning of 10 Gas Turbine Control Systems including the Power Management System for load shedding, monitoring, power distribution and synchronisation with the electricity network.