Actemium relies on its integrated engineering and works offer to propose turnkey solutions to the chemical (basic and fine) industry.


As a systems integrator in the Chemical sector, we provide clients with a comprehensive set of services in the area of process automation, including:

  • Turn-key Process Automation including Instrumentation, SCADA, Historians, Batch systems to S88
  • Electrical Systems (Control Panels, MCC and Power Distribution)
  • Process Safety from Hazop support through to full system implementation, test and certification
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (Business Process Automation, Business Intelligence, Performance Management, OEE). 

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive portfolio of services that meet the requirements of the Industry and align with international standards and industry best practice.

As part of Actemium, we have access to a number of qualified experts that understand your processes and have executed a large number of projects for clients in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The complex nature of chemical production, the necessity of keeping operations in line with environmental and safety standards, price pressure from competitors with lower labour costs or lower cost raw materials, drive companies in the chemical sector to seek innovative solutions that improve their overall performance, ensuring sustainable development for future generations and we at Actemium Automation can help meet these goals.