As a partner in the development of the Automotive industry (OEM, 1st and 2nd Tier Automotive Supply Chain), Actemium draws upon its international network of Business Units to conceive and integrate solutions developed in response to your specific needs.

Our solutions

Actemium teams have the expertise and detailed knowledge of your processes from press shop through to the finished vehicle.

This specific know-how is provided with every project to improve the productivity of your plant.

Handling and flow :

  • Overhead (motorised, power and free, monorail, etc.)
  • Floor (power roller beds, conveyors, manriders, skid conveying systems, etc.)
  • Specific products

Press shop :

  • Installation of new stamping lines
  • Handling with robots, conveyors, stackers and destackers
  • Layout modifications and relocation of complete lines
  • Revamping and upgrade / optimisation works
vue intŽrieure des chaines de peinture

Body in white :

  • Robotic, automated and manual assembly lines
  • All kinds of assembly cells (UB, SP, framing, etc.)
  • Welding systems (spot, AW, laser, etc.)
  • All other joining systems
  • Handling systems (conveyors, stocks & buffers)

Paint shop :

  • Primer and lacquer chambers, ovens, dilution systems
  • Robots, coating sludge processing
  • Handling systems (conveyors, stocks & buffers)
homme au travail devant armoire Žlectrique

Powertrain :

  • Machining (loading & unloading systems, revamping and machine moves)
  • Assembly (special machines & conveying)
  • Engine test systems
  • Transmission test cells

Mechanical :

  • Body (machining assembly and test facilities)
  • Test bench (production and R&D)

Final Assembly :

  • Marriage systems
  • Operator assisted tooling
  • Picking systems
  • Track side stations
  • Special machines and robots
  • Handling systems (conveyors, stocks & buffers)
  • Electronic diagnostic systems

Plant & equipment relocation :

  • Robots cells
  • Production lines
  • Machining or stamping lines

Specific machines: Tier one suppliers

  • Robots cells (spot welding & AW)
  • Tools (welding & hemming)
  • Renewing equipment
  • Relocation & commissioning