Why an Energy Strategy?

Energy prices are increasing and with this it is becoming one of the most costly operational expenditure for industrial’s. However, gains from energy saving impacts directly towards industrial’s net profits and competitiveness. Furthermore, the legislation is changing and getting more restrictive.

The need for a strong brand image are encouraging more and more manufacturers to adopt an energy management system.

Actemium has the IT and telecommunications expertise to deliver a complete energy efficiency offering. Actemium Business Units specialising in industry metrics needs can provide concrete solutions. Our industrial customers can thus measure the energy consumption of their production processes in order to document, manage and optimise their energy performance.

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New regulation such as the compulsory audit for industrial companies will be implemented in 2015. The ISO 50001 standards represents a new scheme full of opportunities for industrial’s to manage and improve their social responsibilities and monitor their energy consumption.

Finally, implementing an energy management policy is a corporate project in line with industrialsā€™ sustainable approaches.

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