Our solutions

Actemium provides dedicated and/or comprehensive solutions in electrical, instrumentation and process automation for Oil and Gas industries, covering the production (onshore and offshore), related processes (liquidification, cleaning and dewatering), the loading /unloading units (terminals) and the transportation and storage facilities (above ground and underground).oilgas-1024x565

We realise turnkey, multi-technical projects and services tailored to your requirements in compliance with our safety first policy:

  • Greenfields
  • Revamping and de-bottlenecking of existing sites
  • Design and implementation of dedicated units
  • Commissioning and start up assistance
  • Asset management
  • Maintenance
  • Shutdowns and turnarounds
  • Specialised services (consultancy, training, inspections, audits, calibration)

Up stream:

  • OCWR Overall Control of Wells & Risers (onshore and offshore)
  • Oil & Gas treatment (dehydration, de-sulphurisation, separators, de-salters liquidification)
  • Storage
  • Off loading
  • Subsea interface
  • Power generation
  • Firefighting solutions
  • Metering stations
  • Leak & Gas detection


  • Oil & Gas terminals
  • Underground and aboveground storage
  • Compressor units
  • Distribution network
  • Pipeline Scada & Control systems
  • Blending units
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Gas Quality analysis
  • Metering stations
  • Loading stations
  • Firefighting solutions
  • Earthquake and Lightning protection
  • Leak and gas detection