Switching to EV company cars has reduced our Actemium UK Industrial Perimeter’s CO2 emissions by 22% in 2021 

As part of VINCI Energies UK and RoI’s science-based plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, the Actemium UK Industrial Perimeter has committed to transitioning all company cars to full electric vehicles (EVs) by the end of 2024 at the earliest.

Beginning 2021 with just 7% of the fleet electric, the collection of business units offering electrical and mechanical services to industry planned to reach 45-50% by the end of the year – and, with 51% now full EVs, is slightly ahead of target.

“This is a fantastic achievement,” says Andrew Hunter, Director of the Actemium UK Industrial Perimeter. “I’m really happy to see that we are well on target and our staff are loving the EV driving experience.”

The nature of the business units’ offer means staff regularly spend many hours on road servicing customers. The switch to EVs has, therefore, enabled the Actemium UK Industrial Perimeter to make a significant reduction to the carbon footprint relatively quickly.

With EVs eliminating approximately 345 g of CO2 per mile travelled and contract engineers and project managers travelling an average of 20,588 miles a year, the savings so far equate to an estimated 120 t of CO2 across the company car fleet or 22% of Actemium UK Industrial Perimeter’s carbon footprint.

Another achievement in 2021 is the installation of EV charging points at all the business units’ sites, which are fed by electricity from green tariffs and free for employees to use.

The next step in the Actemium UK Industrial Perimeter’s EV journey is to encourage employees to choose EVs for private cars used on company business and switch more of its commercial vans to full electric models. This is expected to reduce carbon emissions by a further 5.5% and 13.5% respectively. “Environmental care is extremely important to us at VINCI Energies. Our whole business revolves around making energy use smarter and greener – and we are proud to show that through changes like switching our company cars to EVs, we are not just talking the talk, but actually walking the walk,” Andrew concludes.

Savings so far equate to an  estimated 120 t of CO2 across the company car fleet

or 22% of Actemium UK Industrial Perimeter’s carbon footprint.